Bottle Rocket Kit Instructions
Posted by Jason Musselwhite on 21 March 2013 05:20 PM

Bottle Rocket Kit Instructions

Items needed:
- 1/4" tube plugs
- small funnel
- 1/8 teaspoon measuring scoop
- BP fuel
- masking tape
- small dead blow mallet

1) Set the 1/4" ID tube over the spindle until it is seated against the base.
2) Using your scoop and your funnel, dump 1/8 level teaspoon powdered clay into the motor tube
3) Insert the cored rammer and ram the clay with a couple blows from your mallet.
If you are wrinkling the tube you are using too much pressure.
It doesn't take much force to consolidate the fuel in these tiny motors.
4) Remove the rammer, clean out the core and dump a level 1/8 teaspoon BP fuel into the tube and ram with your mallet.
5) Repeat step #4. (You will use the cored rammer for 3 individual 1/8 teaspoon increments total; 1 increment of clay and 2 increments of fuel)
6) Dump in 1/8 teaspoon of fuel and ram with the solid rammer.
Warning!! Switching to the solid rammer before the metal spindle is completely covered with fuel could damage your tooling.
Be sure the spindle is completely covered with fuel before switching to the solid rammer.
7) Dump in a little pinch of loose fuel and cap the motor with a tube plug. This loose powder will produce a small poof at the end of the rockets flight.
There are other chemical mixtures that can be used to produce a loud report or a small colored header, however, these are beyond the scope of this project.
8) With a slight twisting motion remove the motor from the spindle. Tape or glue the rocket motor to the end of a kabob skewer.
9) Insert a small length of fuse into the motor nozzle and secure with a bit of tape.
10) Launch your rockets from a small tube (plastic or cardboard).

Notes Across all Rocket Types:

1) When making your BP fuel, follow the instructions provided in the kit. However, DO NOT add any starch or other binding agent to the mix. With rocket fuel used in hand rammed black powder motors, you want the fuel to compress easily into one solid grain inside the motor tube.
Adding starch makes it harder to compress this fuel into a single unit. Simply mixing the ingredients together, dampening with water and granulating through a screen will work just fine

2) Use a 16 oz plastic "dead blow" type hammer with BP type fuels only. Do not attempt to ram any other fuel type (whistle, strobe or fuels containing
metals) using the method detailed here. It doesn't take much effort to ram the fuel into a solid grain.  A couple medium taps on the rammer with a dead blow hammer will help seat the fuel. A couple more solid whacks will produce a nice solid grain.

3) Clean the cored rammers (the ones with holes in the ends) after ramming each increment of fuel. This is extremely important as keeping the cores
free of fuel will help prevent an accident or damage to your tools. A dowel rod or short length of brass or stainless rod works quite well. Do not use any item containing a sparking material (ie. drill bits or similar) to clean the core.

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