3" Red White and Blue Falling Leaf Kit
Posted by Jason Musselwhite on 13 September 2012 04:53 PM

3” Red White and Blue Falling Leaf Ball Shell Kit

Material list:

  • Plastic ball shells
  • 52 grams of 4FA Black Powder
  • Falling leaf fuse
  • Plastic model glue
  • String
  • 1.5” piece of 1/4” time fuse
  • Strapping tape
  • Scale
  • Hot glue gun
  • Razor
  • Quick match
  • Visco fuse

This kit includes the following:

Cut the time fuse approximately 1" to 1-1/2" for a test shell to check your timing.
This may vary depending on the quality lift charge.
Split one end of the time fuse to expose the power core.
Insert the time fuse through the hole in the ball shell casing with the split on the top side of the hemisphere.
Hot glue the fuse in place. After the glue dries you can tie a clove hitch knot around the time fuse to help keep it in place.
Split the other end of the time fuse and place a couple small pieces of the paper fast fuse in the core of the time fuse and tie in place.

Take one half of shell and fill it with falling leaf fuse approximately 1" pieces.
Use 24 grams of 4F Black Powder in the tissue paper for your burst charge.
Fold the tissue paper over the burst charge and tape in place to keep burst in place.
Fill the other half of the shell with falling leaf fuse. Mate the 2 halves together, seal with the plastic model glue and strapping tape.

Lifting the shell:
Weigh out 28 grams  of your black powder. Place in a plastic baggie.
Place the end of your leader fuse into the bag and tape securely.
Tape the lift bag over the time fuse. You can do two things for this step.
Take your lift cup. Cover the lift charge with the leader fuse sticking out the top of the cup and tape in place.
Then tape the fuse to the side of the shell and you are ready to go.
You can also take Kraft paper and tape it around the lower portion of the shell covering the lift charge leaving your leader fuse sticking out.
Cut some slits in the paper and tape over the lift charge. Tape the leader fuse to the side of the shell.

More information on ball shells click HERE

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