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Consumer Mortars - 12" vs 15"
Posted by Kevin Rath (Import) on 19 August 2009 08:58 PM

The biggest question ..
Should I get a 12" or 15" mortar?

The answer ..
To be 100% safe you should go with a 12" mortar.
Some say a 15" mortar will give you extra height out of your shells, when the height isn't that noticeable. Then you will run into the problem that your fuse may be too short. You would have to add a small piece of visco fuse to extend the fuse that is already attached to your shell. Sounds complicated .. So to keep it safe and easy, the DR11 12" is the mortar that fits the needs of a consumer pyro best.

12" Mortars

  • Works with most 1.75" Consumer mortars.
  • Do not need to worry about fuse length.
  • Do not need to worry if your mortar is too long for the fuse.

15" Mortars

  • May allow higher breaks.
  • Fuse length may be an issue for shells that come with 12" mortars.
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