Thunder Mug and Mini Cannon Instructions
Posted by Kevin Rath on 28 September 2011 04:03 PM

You can use black powder or flash powder in any of our thunder mugs or mini cannons.
** If you are not familiar with flash powder or have never used it, please do not use it.
Home made mill powder and/or pyrodex will NOT work in any cannon! 

I found using a plastic 35 MM film container or our 1” ID X 2-1/2” paper tube as a measurer for the large thunder mugs.
Two full scoops of BP using either of these works best in the three larger cannons.
In the mini cannon however, if using BP you will want to pack as much as possible for the best effect.

You will need to insert about 1-1/2 or 2 feet of slow burning fuse to give you plenty of time to get away from the cannon.
Pour in two full scoops of FFG, FFFFG, or finer black powder using either a 35 MM film container or a 1” ID X 2-1/2” paper tube capped on one end in the larger cannons.

Use about a ½ teaspoon of black powder in the mini cannons.
You can use as much BP in the mini cannons as you want, for you cannot put enough BP in them to blow them up.

After doing this you will need a good wooden dowel rod, which are available on our website.
You will need at least a 1” dowel rod, but 1-1/2” will work best for the larger mug.
The mini cannon will need a smaller rod. 

Next get some newspaper and wad it up, then pack it VERY tight.
Don’t be afraid, It will not blow up! As long as you don’t use metal to metal and the rod is wooden, or any other non sparking type of rod.
You want to pack it as tightly as possible each time you wad the paper up and put it in the barrel. I use some cardboard also as I go.
I also cut paper discs out of an old box and put them in there as well.
You really can’t have enough paper packed on top for the tighter it’s packed the louder it will be.
You can go as much as 4 full scoops if you want, but I find that two is sufficient in the larger mugs.

If it is not loud then either you did not pack it tight enough OR you used a low grade black powder.

Now if you would like to use flash powder, and are experienced with flash and know the dangers, then a quarter to half of a 35 MM can or our 1” X 2-1/2” paper tube would be more then enough.
DO NOT pack flash with anything in the large cannons. Just pour it in and it’s ready to go.

As for the mini cannon, start with very small amounts.
Start around ¼ teaspoon and pack a small wad of paper on top, then tamp it VERY lightly.
You will find that very small amounts of flash in the mini cannons are very effective.

Flash burns quicker than black powder. The gasses need to escape much quicker, causing it to take much less powder with very little to no packing.
If you pack it, you risk exploding your barrel using flash and causing injury or death in the larger cannons.

This barrel will be around for your children’s, children’s, children.
Take care of it and try to oil the inside of the barrel for it will rust inside after shooting.
The oil will help keep it from rusting badly.

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